Technology working for you.

We love technology!  Proper use of technology can result in more efficient work with greater accuracy all while being more cost effective. 

  • We utilize a 2D positioning system called iDig that provides an in-cab touch screen that shows highly accurate (within 1/8th of an inch) measurements of where the bucket cutting edge is.  This allows for precise depth, length and slope operations from inside the cab in real-time.
  • A tilting bucket also greatly enhances our ability to match existing grade/perfect slopes.
  • A rotating grapple allows precise control of items being picked up and/or moved.  For tree work it is essential!  It also allows for placement of blocks/boulders much better compared to the traditional bucket/thumb combo.  The tightly meshing teeth allow removal of smaller bushes and trees (roots and all) much better than traditional bypass grapples.
  • We use drones for documentation and for topography/cut/fill measurements on larger jobs.
  • While not new technology the rotating laser is essential for nailing exact placement of materials/cuts and works in tandem with the iDig system.
  • Moasure is measuring tool that allows quick and accurate measurements/mapping and calculation to better enable planning and documentation.